Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. I can teach anyone to write compelling proposals. If you can speak, then you can write. The best writing is never stilted or stuffy, it’s conversational. I will give you opening template processes to follow that will allow you to get into the writing flow immediately. And certainly don’t worry about whether you studied literature or writing. English is not my first, second or third language. If English is your first or second, then you are ahead already!
It doesn’t matter. If your English is good enough to understand this page, then you can learn how to write.
This training is not for you, because there are no hypothetical activities. Save your time and money.
No, I don’t like dispassionate proposals.
Absolutely. You will have many opportunities to receive guidance.
  • 3-day intensive training
  • Small group and one-on-one daily meetings
  • Breakfast and lunch daily
  • 1 Dinner buffet-style
  • Optional morning and evening yoga for creativity
  • 8-months monthly virtual follow-up training for support

Keep in mind you will also have expenses for travel, hotel, and when you attend the program. So this is only for those willing to make a serious commitment of time, money, and passion to their dream.

Upon completion of the program, educators will receive a certificate of participation that includes the hours of completion. This certificate can be used for teaching license renewal purposes.

Final thought

This program can become the greatest opportunity of your career. You can go from someone who talks idly about “grant writing and fellowships” – to someone who gets their ideas out into the world.

Because of the unique one-on-one and interactive nature of this program, I learn about my participants and keep them in the loop for all opportunities that I find or come my way.

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