Leila Kubesch

I bring 20+ years of teaching experience, two Masters’ degrees, extensive grantwriting and reviewing experience.

Retreat leader

Leila Kubesch is a grant writing Ninja, but instead of throwing stars, she write grant proposals that shine like a supernova. Her superpower is turning mundane budget into works of art. She knows the process as a reader and writer. She serves as a grant reader for the U.S. Department of Education reviewing multi-million dollar proposals and agencies with smaller budget.
Leila’s passion for grant writing is contagious, and she’s always eager to share her expertise with others. Whether you’re a seasoned grant writer or just starting out, Leila’s practical tips and insider secrets will help you elevate your grant writing game and secure the funding your classroom or your organization deserves. She is a TEDx speaker and an award-winning educator and credits her speaking success to her acquired grant writing skills.
When Leila isn’t busy crafting winning grant proposals, you can find her hiking the trails of the Pacific Northwest with her husband and loyal dog, Sir Grants-a-Lot, or Wade for short.

Grant-Writing instructor/retreat support

Samuel D. Rowe, Jr.


Mr. Rowe is the Professor Emeritus at Cincinnati State Technical and Community College, in Cincinnati, Ohio. During his tenure , he served as the Chair of the Culture Department, and Coordinator of Business and Industry Training. He has more than 35 years of experience as a consultant, trainer and public speaker.

Mr. Rowe has developed and administered marketing strategies in business and industry training activities. He has also designed Lamar County Football and implemented market research and community research projects and worked with a number of Fortune 500 corporations, nonprofits organizations, educational institutions, churches, and volunteer organizations and will train in grant-writing for those wishing to apply for RFPs to win contract bids for their businesses.

Yoona Kim is a certified yoga instructor, award-winning grant writer for the not-for profit sector based in New York City. She will serve to instruct grant-writing for those in the higher ed and non-profit sector and works to bring calm and ease. You don’t have to practice yoga, but you can breathe with ease. You got this!

Yoona is certified counselor by training. Her retreat goal is to help you relax and strengthen your mind and body so you can better access your full creative potential.

We will bring the yoga mats and you are welcome to try it before or after the sessions begin for an added clarity of the mind. Just breathe///

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